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Nakskov havn – Skæreopgave

Nakskov havn – Skæreopgave

Nakskov harbor needed a diamond cutter who could handle the task.

T.E Diamantboring cuts up to 53 cm depth, while with wire cutting we can cut in much larger dimensions.
Diamond cutting makes it possible to cut through even the strongest materials, while leaving a nice and clean cut.

Our diamond cutting is therefore the perfect solution for cutting windows, doors, ventilation work, etc.
We perform wall cutting, floor cutting and hand-held cutting.

Asphalt cutting
We perform asphalt cutting at sharp prices without compromising on quality. T.E.Diamantboring has extensive experience with asphalt cutting.

The result can be seen below.

Nakskov Havn skæreopgave  Nakskov Havn skæreopgave  Nakskov Havn skæreopgave  Nakskov Havn skæreopgave

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