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We are really good at diamond drilling and cutting

Diamond drilling is the ultimate solution if you need to drill holes in concrete, walls, floors or other masonry. We have 20 years of experience with all tasks within diamond drilling and diamond cutting.

Diamonds cut through where everything else gives up, and we take full advantage of that in our equipment, and our experience gives you assurance of quality.

Asphalt cutting is an economic gain rather than excavation and excavation, therefore road cutting, cutting for district heating, sewers and cables, cycle path and all areas outdoors as well as indoors whether it is concrete or asphalt, is the perfect task for T.E. Diamantboring ApS.

We are based on Lolland and service customers in Copenhagen, on Zealand and of course Lolland as well Falster.

Diamond drilling

When we use diamond drilling instead of a concrete hammer, we avoid both noise and dust nuisances and post-repairs of masonry or the like. e.g. In this way, diamond drilling is the ideal solution.

Diamond cutting

Diamond cutting is a really good solution if you need to cut out a new door hole, stair hole, window hole or other openings in concrete or masonry.

Asphalt cutting

We perform asphalt cutting at sharp prices without compromising on quality. T.E.Diamantboring has extensive experience with asphalt cutting.

We drive from Nakskov on Lolland to Gedser on Falster, from Rødbyhavn by the new Fehmarn connection to Copenhagen and Helsingør on Zealand.
We are the right specialists in cutting and drilling with diamonds for your task.

Where do we offer our service?

Whether it is Lolland, Falster, South Zealand, Næstved, Vordingborg, Nykøbing Falster, Sakskøbing, Stensved, Nakskov, Søllested, Rødby, Rødbyhavn, Maribo, Storstrømsbroen, Femernbelt, Nørre Alslev and you need floor cutting, joint cutting, groove cutting, groove cutting, wall cutting , cutting of crack joints, relaxation joints, cutting of concrete elements, hole drilling, drilling in well, diamond drilling in well, diamond drilling and diamond cutting in tunnel or bridge, asphalt cutting, dry cutting and dry drilling, then we are the perfect choice for your task.

Diamond drilling cutting

We can drill holes from Ø 8mm and up to 1200 mm. We can drill horizontal and vertical holes as well as slip holes or drill from the bottom up. We cut in asphalt, and in principle in everything that is impossible. We drive from Nakskov on Lolland to Gedser on Falster, from Rødbyhavn by the new Fehmarn connection to Copenhagen and Helsingør on Zealand. We are specialists in wire cutting, where you have to cut in concrete and the space is tight, where wall or tire thickness is too large a task for a normal blade.

Asphalt cutting

An asphalt cutter is a huge circular saw which is built to cut in stone materials. The machine is usually equipped with a water tank, so you can water the area to be cut in. This is i.a. to hold on to the dust, but more importantly to keep the blade cool so that it does not become crooked or break its teeth.

A small selection of our many tasks

Ny mand

Vi har her i februar fastansat Mike Rasmussen efter et godt rekrutteringsforløb i samarbejde med Manflex. Mike er allerede godt kendt ude hos kunderne og i fuld gang med opgaverne. Mike er tilflytter til Lolland, 27 år gammel og havde en stor drøm om at komme herned...

Skæring af dør

Skæring af dør hos Fair Fitness i Marielyst

A Task for Lalandia in tropical heat

En lille opgave for Lalandia 3ø52 i 30 cm puuuuhhaaa det er varmt og arbejde i tropiske varme for Lalandia 3ø52 i 30 cmT.E.Diamantboring udfører diamantboring i størrelserne Ø8-Ø1200 til både privat- og erhvervskunder på hovedsageligt Sydsjælland og Lolland-Falster. ...

Nakskov havn – Skæreopgave

Nakskov havn havde brug for en diamantskærer der kunne klare opgaven. T.E Diamantboring skærer op til 53 cm dybde, mens vi med wireskæring kan skære i langt større dimensioner. ​Diamantskæring gør det muligt skære gennem selv de stærkeste materialer, og samtidig...

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